Friday, August 29, 2008

Tom McElman Band

Tom McElman Band

1. Home
2. Live Again
3. Sasha Blue Monday
4. Thorton's Boogie
"All songs Copyright 2008. All rights reserved"

The Tom McElman Band is an eclectic blend of Rock, Blues, and Funk. The nucleus of the band/project is Tom McElman on Vocals and Guitars (sometimes bass, sometimes keyboards) and Sean Moore on Drums. Tom and Sean write the songs and additional players, if needed, are added during the recording process.

Tom, originally from Boston, has a long history playing in hard rock bands such as Vernia Caliper and Strombringer but grew up listening to Blues. It was his father that first exposed him to Fats Domino, from there, Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Sonny Boy Williamson but when he heard Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple for the first time, the music took on more of an edge.

Sean, actually born in the Boston area, grew up in Cincinnati and has been in Rock and Blues bands for most of his life. The two got together back in 1997 and has been writing music and producing and recording bands ever since.

Tom was recently diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). It is a genetic disease that usually goes undetected in men and women until they're in their late 30s. There is no cure and it is currently untreatable. However, as with all diseases, there's always hope. You can help by going to and learning more about the disease. If you can make a monetary donation or donate your time, it would be more than appreciated!

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Please enjoy!

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guy said...

Hey Tom how are you man ?It's Guy Tarantino ..Ya I'm still alive.Hey it's great to know that you are still playing.Your songs sound mint!I'll send you a ring when my myspace page is finished.and hopefully we can talk..Take care Guy