Monday, November 19, 2007

The Beatles - The Ultimate Christmas Album

The Beatles---The Ultimate Christmas Album

What can I say....I am a huge Beatles fan....Enjoy!

CD #1

1-Beatles 1963 Christmas Record.
2-Beatles 1964 Christmas Record.
3-Beatles 1965 Christmas Record.
4-Beatles 1966 Christmas Record.
5-Beatles 1967 Christmas Record.
6-Beatles 1968 Christmas Record.
7-Beatles 1969 Christmas Record.

CD #2

1-Christmas Greetings (Astoria Cinema) (12-20-1963).
2-Crimble Medley (Saturday Club) (12-17-1963).
3-Beatles 1964 Christmas Record Outtake #1 (10-29-1964).
4-Beatles 1964 Christmas Record Outtake #2 (10-29-1964).
5-Beatles 1964 Christmas Record Outtake #3 (10-29-1964).
6-Beatles 1964 Christmas Record Outtake #4 (10-29-1964).
7-Beatles 1964 Christmas Record Outtake #5 (10-29-1964).
8-Beatles Interview (Hammersmith Odeon) (12-21-1964).
9-White Christmas (Studio 50) (New York) (2-9-1964).
10-Beatles 1965 Christmas Record Outtake #1 (10-19-1965).
11-Beatles 1965 Christmas Record Outtake #2 (10-19-1965).
12-Beatles Radio London & Radio Caroline Messages (12-6-1966).
13-Christmastime Is Here Again (EMI Mastertape) (11-28-1967).
14-Jock & Yono (John & Yoko) (Kenwood) (November 1968).
15-Onceuponapooltable (John & Yoko) (Kenwood) (November 1968).
16-Happy Christmas (Pauls COMPLETE 1968 song!).
17-John & Yoko Christmas Sketch (Tittenhurst Park) (November 1969).
18-Ringo's "Wireless For The Blind Fund Message" (12-15-1969).
19-Happy X-Mas (John's Home Demo).
20-John & Yoko 1970 Christmas Message #1 (Tittenhurst Park).
21-John & Yoko 1970 Christmas Message #2 (Tittenhurst Park).
22-Happy X-Mas (Rough Mix for Acetate).


Friday, November 16, 2007

Hark, The Rock And Rollers Sing

Hark, The Rock And Rollers Sing

  1. Give The Gift Of Love - The Jonzun Crew and Friends
  2. Maybe Next Year - Rubber Rodeo
  3. Be My Christmas Love - The Charmettes
  4. O Holy Night - Ronee Blakley
  5. Christmas In Kenmore Square - Billy West & Tom Sandman
  6. You Don't Have To Buy Me Anything For Christmas - Barry Marshall & Beth Harrington (of The Rockin' Robins)
  7. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Willie Loco Alexander
  8. Sleigh Ride - Andy Paley (with Peter Hoffman)
  9. Christmas Elf - Professor Anonymous (with The Marshalls)
  10. Rockin' In A Christmas New Year - The Fools
  11. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Down Avenue
  12. I Hate Christmas - Rick Berlin: The Movie
  13. It's Christmas Time Again - The Nervous Eaters
  14. Christmas I Recall - The Neighborhoods
  15. Christmas Suite - The U.S. Marshalls
  16. Back Door Santa - Barrence Whitfield (of The Savages)
  17. Mr. Snow - Ellie Marshall (of The Rockin' Robins)
  18. Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me - Dave Barton (of The Outlets)
  19. Santa Claus Blooz - Lisa Traxler & The Stockin' Stuffers
  20. Bell Of St. Mary's - The Paley Brothers
  21. The Christmas Boogie - The Rockin' Robins
  22. Merry Christmas Baby - Barry Marshall
  23. The Christmas Song - Al Grey
  24. The Little Drummer Boy - Ralph Fatello (of Semper Fi)

This was a gem I bought at Strawberries Records and Tapes back in '86. You can see from the price tag it was a special value...

The 3 songs I remember hearing on the radio were Rockin' In A Christmas New Year from The Fools, Christmas In Kenmore Square from Billy West & Tom Sandman (which I still think are great songs) and You Don't Have To Buy Me Anything For Christmas from Barry Marshall & Beth Harrington.....those songs were played for years and years....

And of course, take a look at the bands featured: The Fools, Barry Marshall, The Outlets, The Neighborhoods, Barrence Whitfield and The Savages, The Nervous Eaters, Semper Fi and don't forget Willie Loco Alexander.....big names on the Boston music scene at that time....

Please give it a listen and Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!

WBCN 1990 Lunchtime Christmas Countdown

WBCN 1990 Lunchtime Christmas Countdown

A co-worker of mine had mentioned that she had this tape of hers. She told me it was when WBCN used to do their lunchtime countdowns with Ken Shelton. I had told her I had my own BCN Christmas tape as well. I borried hers and transferred both tapes....
It's a very funny tape and I hope you all enjoy it!

WBCN 1990 Lunchtime Christmas Countdown

01 WBCN Xmas Intro
02 WBCN Chipmunk Parody
03 15 - All I Want For Christmas Is A Rock And Roll Guitar - The Stompers
04 14 - The Christmas Song - Angel
05 13 - Rockin' In A Christmas/New Year - The Fools
06 12 - New Kids Got Run Over By A Reindeer - The Stools
07 DJ Talk
08 11 - Please Come Home For Christmas - The Eagles
09 DJ Talk
10 10 - Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy - Bing Crosby/David Bowie
11 09 - Christmas, Baby Please Come Home - U2
12 08 - Happy Xmas - John Lennon
13 07 - Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You - Billy Squier
14 WBCN Father Christmas Parody
15 06 - I Believe In Father Christmas - Greg Lake
16 05 - Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid
17 DJ Talk about previous songs
18 WBCN Commercial
19 Song Intro 1
20 Song Intro 2
21 04 - Santa Clause Is Coming To Town - Bruce Springsteen
22 DJ Talk
23 03 - 2000 Miles - The Prentenders
24 02 - Father Christmas - The Kinks
25 01 - Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses
26 Comedy 104 - The Three Stooges


Monday, November 5, 2007

Local bands from New England and Beyond.....

Any new bands out there want to promote their bands here?

I am looking for any hard rock, heavy metal and hardcore bands that want a little free promotion....even cover bands.....

What I need is any pictures of the band, a CD (or a copy of one you can email me) and any info about the if there is anything you'd like for me to post.....Place it in a winzip file and send it my MYSpace page located on the links section....

This is for the bands that I see at the various shows that give out their CD or tape just to get their name out there....I want to help!

Are you one of those bands?