Friday, October 19, 2007

Pour Some Sugar On Me

This is a karaoke type video that my friends and I did back about.....15 years ago, I think.....We had a few beers, hanging out at Hampton Beach and we happen to walk by the place and figured....What the hell!
We searched through all the videos and this was the only song we knew....the other stuff was only dance crap....

The funny thing was that after we finished, we got applause from the crowd outside watching us....we didn't realize that they were showing it on a screen outside the store....

Please enjoy and have a few laughs!
Thank you!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Boston Rock and Roll Anthology #16

The Best Of Boston Music Showcase Vol #1
Boston Rock And Roll Anthology #16

  1. Farrenheit - The Living Daylights
  2. Regular Humans - Hide Behind Your Smile
  3. Close Enough - Float With Us
  4. Macey's Parade - Cold, Dark, Icy Stare
  5. Bruce Marshall Group - A Man Like Me
  6. House Of Cards - Du Bahdi Ay
  7. The Probes - War Of The Classes
  8. The Gypsy Mechanics - I'm Not Your Jesus
  9. The Shrubs - Walking In The Dark
  10. Creative Force - Games
  11. Judy Oliver - My Mannequin
  12. The Injury's - Choke Chains
  13. One Eyed Jake - City Ride
  14. Mass - Under The Gun
  15. Chop Shop - Teazer
  16. Forty Thieves - Midsummer's Day
  17. Q-36 - Secret Girl
  18. What's In The Fridge - What's In The Fridge
  19. T. Chenel - Prime Of Our Lives
  20. The Count - Transporter

I've had this compilation for a long time. I had gotten it because of the Mass song "Under The Gun", which is an awesome tune.

This compilation has been out of print for a while and one day, I am looking around Ebay for some Charlie Farren, I come across this and it is still there for $100.

I was amazed! I had asked the guy why, he told me just as it said on Ebay that it was because of the Charlie Farren tune "Living Daylights" which was supposed to be on the James Bond soundtrack but it never happened and also because of the Mass song.....that was it....I just laughed to myself....I paid $2 for it at Nugget Records years ago....

When I started this site, I told myself that I would post this just because I can't see anyone paying that much money for's ridiculous.....

Besides Mass and Charlie Farren, look out for Macey's Parade (which my friend's band had opened for a few times) and Bruce Marshall, which had been a staple of the Boston scene for years....

Please enjoy this and post any comments!

Thank you!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

West - Out Of The Ashes

West - Out Of The Ashes
  1. Miracles
  2. Carry Me Back
  3. Heaven's Rain
  4. Everything Is Nothing
  5. Dear Heart
  6. Bringing Down The Fire

Line up:

Vernon West - Bass, Lead Vocals

Dana West - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals

Chuck Vitale - Keyboards, Vocals

Gary Cioffi - Drums

This is great music from a great band! These are friends of mine who were the house band at Bill Ash's Lounge in Revere, MA for a number of years.

They are the perfect pop/rock band. I have seen them live more times than I can count and they always put on a great show!

Dana West was also my guitar teacher for a while. I wish I had the time to have kept it going....

I just found out that they are doing a SASS reunion in January.

Also, check out Gary's band Take That appearing at Bill Ash's Lounge.

I can't wait for it!!!

Please enjoy!!!!

Pieces (2nd Release)


  1. Shy Away
  2. Lonely Midnight
  3. Fame
  4. OK Carol

This is the second release from this band....

They do a killer version of David Bowie's Fame. They also re-did their version of OK Carol which is still an awesome song!

Same line up, same great sound!


Monday, October 1, 2007

Just transfererred.....

Hi All!

I just finished transferring 6 tapes...I still need to split tracks and scan cassette covers but they should be coming soon....

I transferred the following tapes: West, Pieces second tape, Tin Pan Alley, Sweet Cheater, Badmotherseed and the 2nd tape from Deslok....

Coming this week should be Glass, Crystal Talon, Boston Rock and Roll Anothology #16 and another local compilation....

So be ready.....

Also......Please post your comments!
On the site itself, on the bands....
I am curious to your thoughts...
Thank you!