Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Dark In The Light

A Dark In The Light


  1. Devolving
  2. Dopplegangers
  3. Atrophy Of Me

I recently got an email from Seth and he told me to take a listen to his band. I gave it a listen and it blew me away! The first time I heard Dopplegangers, I knew they are the band to listen to for 2008. For the hardcore scene, there is always one band I hear each year that stands out in my book and A Dark In The Light is that band. Give it a listen, go to their site http://www.myspace.com/adarkinthelight as well as ReverbNation.com.

Below is a message from Seth and some info about the band.....


This is Seth from A Dark In The Light checkin in with all you bloggers! I hope you enjoy our material and join our email list, friend us on myspace, or just drop a line via any form of communication. We will be playing several live shows over the next few months, highlighted by a March 8th gig at The Middle East Club in Cambridge, MA. If any of you are local, please come out and say hi! Thank you all for your support, and we hope to see you out there in the real world!


Seth & A Dark In The Light

True success will only be achieved through struggle and perseverance. This is a credo that A Dark In The Light takes to heart as the band prepares to move forward and launch itself into the throes of the Boston heavy music scene in 2008. While Mike McCarthy (guitars, vocals) and Seth Roberts (drums, vocals) have waded through their share of personal and professional hurdles on their way to this exciting time, it is the music that has kept everything together. Formed out of a love for metal, blues, punk, and sincere, intelligent rock, A Dark In The Light does not hold fast to any claims or gimics. The music and the people who care about the music are what matter to the band.

Despite its northeastern roots, the band took shape in Gainesville, Florida, where McCarthy and Roberts united with bassist Josh Vlahos and began to craft the songs that would comprise their 2007 debut EP. Eight months of rehearsing, gigging, and recording resulted in something none of the three members were certain would be achieved—A Dark In The Light became something tangible. Heart, soul, and struggle were all wrapped up into a package and represented by eight songs that reflected a musical vision and, more importantly, a belief in that vision. The recent college grads also learned a thing or two about life, and perhaps, that was the most valuable part of their Gainesville experience.

Looking to the future, the band parted ways with Vlahos and returned to the northeast in order to pursue their dreams a bit closer to home. The following months proved stressful, as they faced several setbacks in the search for the right musician to once again complete the band. After several musicians fell by the wayside, the band finally settled on Rowan Elowe to take over bass responsibilities. Now officially a full time member, A Dark In The Light is thrilled to have Rowan’s impressive skill set, including a background in jazz and a passion for brutal metal, to complete the band. Always looking to expand and improve, A Dark In The Light looks forward to its new chapter with Rowan, and is in the process of writing new material. The band would like to personally thank everyone who has supported them during both the good and the difficult times. We hope to see you all in the front row soon!

Just Us - A Different Kind Of Sun

Just Us - A Different Kind Of Sun

  1. A Different Kind Of Sun

  2. King's Highway

Here is another release from my friend's band Just Us (formerly Koala Red).

If you haven't heard anything from them, please give this a listen.

They have drums, keyboards and they both share vocals....They have had an occasional guitarist fill in on certain parts but it's all them.

The first song "A Different Kind Of Sun" got radio airplay on WERS in Boston ( a local college station).

A video was also made for this which I am happy to say I got to take part in. I will post the video as soon as I have it transferred....

They were great friends but we lost touch when they moved to New York in the 90's....if anyone knows them, please send them the link to this site....they are missed.....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Beat Magazine Vol.2 No. 24 4-11-86 Issue 51

Beat Magazine Vol.2 No. 24 4-11-86 Issue 51


Finally, here it is, my first posting of the Beat Magazine.

What's cool about this first issue that I have is the magazine features on the cover The Souls. I had posted Adam Sherman's previous band Private Lightning as well as The Souls ep. This features an interview with the band.

Great features in this magazine are Insignifica, which is basically tells you what's going on around town with all the bands, band members, management and anybody involved in the business...

Another feature is Ears In Boston with then WBCN DJ Carter Alan who is now on WZLX. He gives you a lot of local band info.

Sound Reaction features concert reviews.

Studio Trax features information about all the local recording studios....some still exist today!

There is also a Local Music Review by Ace Diamond which features local demo reviews.....

And of course, as you look through the magazine you will see concert listings for all the local venues.....

Please enjoy and let me know what you think!
Thank you!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tin Pan Alley

Tin Pan Alley
  1. Whiskey River Road
  2. White Collar Junkie
  3. Tattoo Of Roses
  4. Just Like A Woman

I saw them for the first time in a very long time at the Boston Rock Reunion Bash.....great show and heartening tribute to Dave Dullea.....

I had only met him a few times and didn't really know him but a lot of my friends knew him very well and were close friends with him.....

The songs themselves are an awesome mix of songs that still hold the test of time....

Sweet Cheater

Sweet Cheater

  1. Dancing On My Grave
  2. Holding Out On Love
  3. Suicide On Broadway
  4. I've Got You
  5. Top Dog
  6. Summer
  7. All Fired Up

Last year I had a chance to see these guys again perform at the Boston Rock Reunion Bash and it was such a great show.....

Dancing On My Grave is an awesome song! Well worth a listen!

Give these guys a listen!

Powerload Rok Sampler Volume 2

Powerload Rok Sampler Volume 2
  1. Mugsy - Everything I Need
  2. Gary Agresti - Fall In Love
  3. Unfinished Business - Jake
  4. Innocent Victim - Share My Life
  5. Mother Train (MASS) - Crack Of Dawn
  6. Tokyo Vibrators - Last Cowboy In America
  7. Mick Powell - It'll Take A Little Magic
  8. James West - Pretty Dancer
  9. Forte - Black Widow
  10. Max The Dog - Blind In Love
  11. Dark Shades - Nowhere To Go
  12. Scott Steele - Won't Matter Anyway
  13. Eclipse - Gypsy Child
  14. The Stompers - Shutdown
  15. Fresh Flesh - Moron
  16. Frost Bite - Dictator
  17. Fortune - See I'm Not The Same
  18. The Eddie's - Mrs. Elevator's Cameo Appearence

Take a listen to this one....This is very cool and very interesting....

My favorite track on this disc in Mother Train - Crack Of Dawn. This is the original version of the song that is currently on Mass' new disc Crack Of Dawn....I love this song, It kicks ass! I recommend that you go to their site http://www.geocities.com/massbelievers/ and purchase a copy of their current album as well as any of their early releases.....it is well worth it....

The Stompers have been around for a while and are a great local pop band from East Boston....if you can find any of their early albums, please go for it....They used to have a hits called East Side Girl, Never Tell An Angel and Heart For Sale.....

Another popular band on here is Fortune. My friend Lou is a member of the band....for information about the band, gigs and anything else you need, please go to http://www.louiespag.com/

Gary Agresti, I used to work with a long time ago. He has been in a few bands himself, all pop oriented music....This is his first solo effort as far as I know....I will post some of his other music later....

Please enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Glass - Handle With Care

GLASS - Handle With Care

  1. Hold On To The Night
  2. Fire At Will
  3. Bump & Grind

I've seen these guys play several times and had always put on a great show!

"Fire At Will" is still one of my favorite local songs.....


Deslok - No Peace, Know Pain

DESLOK - No Peace, Know Pain
  1. Fatal Endearment
  2. The Extrinsic
  3. Excuse Me, Miss

This is the second demo from this local thrash band......

I posted their first demo previously on this site.....

Very cool stuff!

Crystal Talon



  1. Don't Ask Me Why
  2. Melissa
  3. On The Outside
  4. Again and Again

Troy Sellards ( the drummer) used to play for Vernia Caliper, whom I previously posted and after Crystal Talon, he played for Johnny and the Po Boys who frequently played at Bill Ash's Lounge....

Troy gave me this tape years ago and it was a real treat to finally get to hear these songs once again....

This is a band worth listening to and was a pleasure to see live!



  1. Bandwagon
  2. Money For Water
  3. Worm
  4. Badmotherseed
  5. Red
  6. Haunt You

A friend had given me this tape to transfer and post....it was my first time listening to this band they are incredible!!!!!!!!!!

Please give this a listen and crank it up!

This band is worth it!