Friday, August 29, 2008

Vernia Caliper - Bill Ash's Lounge 8-6-1989

Vernia Caliper - Bill Ash's Lounge 8-6-1989

WBCN Band Intro
Think For Tomorrow
Something About You
All That's Left Behind
Missing You Again
How Bad Do You Want It
Can't Get Enough

The Line up:
Tom McElman - Guitar
Jim Skelton - Bass
Troy Sellards - Drums
Guy Tarantino - Vocals

Here is the beginning of the Bill Ash's 1st Battle of the Bands Finals from August 6, 1989.
This was a great set! So, check it out!
Vernia Caliper was the winner that night too!
This was also the last appearence of singer Guy Tarantino.

This post is by special request from Tom McElman....


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Euphoria Art Experience said...

OMFG...I just met Tom McElman online this year and I know Guy Tarantino thru my brother Bob Indorato but didnt know them at this gig. I was engineering sound for the band West back then and I worked this night of the battle engineering the sound for Vernia Caliper, Baccus and I'm forgetting the other 2 (sorry guys). So this is a mega treat for me to have these recordings...Thank you Tom and thanks RRAB for this blog.

Boston Michael (Indorato)